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How To Learn Quranic Arabic Factual Instruction

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                                                       إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ قُرْآنًا عَرَبِيًّا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ

“We have sent it down as an Arabic Learn Quranic Arabic that you might explain.”
The Learn Quranic Arabic is an amazing book no matter what language you read it in. But trust me when I say this; you have never really read the Learn Quranic Arabic until you have read it in Arabic. 
The sudden changes in style, the short verses with powerful meaning, the rhyming words – it is something you have to act for yourself. The language of the Learn Quranic Arabic is so sublime, that it froze the history of Arabic it was revealed in through time. What we know today   Standard Arabic is almost the same as Learn Quranic Arabic or Classical Arabic. The major difference is the addition of new words to the recent context. This is because unlike most other languages, Arabic never changed or expand. Reversed.
But It’s Hard to Learn Learn Quranic Arabic Right?
I’ll try to give my honest opinion here. I’ve been learning and trying to improve my Arabic for more than five years. I have also taught it and watched people learn. And the answer to the question depends on what level of Arabic you are looking to achieve.

1. To achieve complete Mastery – 
It is something I would put in the region of ‘very very difficult’. I don’t think that is an exaggeration. I say this because Arabic is not like other languages. And even most original Arabs can’t speak with perfect I’rab (the word suffix system in Arabic). If you pay attention you find that in colloquial Arabic they don’t pronounce the word endings most of the time. To be fair to the original speakers, you could say that people don’t speak with the complete I’rab anymore. But, that was the way classical Arabic was spoken, but even then, people used to make mistakes. And that was seen as a huge embarrassment. There is even a word for making mistakes in I’rab – al-laḥn.
Moreover, Arabic is exceptionally rich and intricate with a large number of synonyms for many words. The problem is each has a slight difference in meaning. For example, ‘lion’ has more than three hundred synonyms. 
Here is another example of how intricate Arabic can be. Abu Bakr al-Siddīq (ر)  saw a man with a garment. 
Do you wish to sell it?
He replied,

                                                                لا، رحمك الله.
What he meant was, ‘No, may Allah forget you’. But the sentence could also mean, ‘May Allah not forget you’.

Abu Bakr said to him:    
May the tongues of your people become upright; could you not have said:

                                                            لا و رحمك الله؟
That sentence would have made the intended meaning clear. The addition of the ‘waw’ here makes all the difference.

The reason I am telling you all this is because I want you to understand that learning Learn Quranic Arabic Arabic is a lifelong quest. You don’t need this level of mastery to understand the Learn Quranic Arabic in general. But, the more you advance your Arabic the more you see the beauty of the Learn Quranic Arabic. There are many levels to understanding the Learn Quranic Arabic. The effect it had on the people of the Quraish to whom it was revealed was profound. The more your Arabic moves closer to theirs the more you see the linguistic genius of the Learn Quranic Arabic.
To be able to understand the Learn Quranic Arabic – This should be your first milestone. And, this is one that will give you immense satisfaction when you achieve it. Contrary to what I told you about achieving absolute mastery over the language, this is an easy task. I am talking about being able to understand most of the verses of the Learn Quranic Arabic in Arabic. You might not yet be able to speak Arabic fluently at this level. But when you read the Learn Quranic Arabic with the aid of a translation, knowing the Arabic grammar and words, gives you a whole new level of insight into the meanings.

The Learn Quranic Arabic  Learning Plan
In the rest of this post, I am going to try and show you the fastest and way to get there. Please note that I am not making any claims about this being ‘the best methodology ever’. This is the best I have come up with based on my experience and research. Also, I will keep updating this post if I feel improvements can be made Insha Allah. So be sure to check this post often.
Need to Focus on Relevant Learn Quranic Arabic Vocabulary
Vocabulary is the first thing people start learning when they want to learn a language. But if you want to learn Arabic to understand the Learn Quranic Arabic, then start with words used in it. Surprisingly, many books designed to teach classical Arabic to beginners have many words that are never going to be used in the Learn Quranic Arabic. If you want to understand the Learn Quranic Arabic, why consume time learning the Arabic word for seashells, dentists or radio? You can get to that later when you get past the basic level.


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